Soon to come:
your trusted digital employees - your Generative AI bros!

Bald erhältlich: Ihre vertrauenswürdigen digitalen Mitarbeiter - Ihre Generative KI Kumpel!

We are a staffing agency that offers trusted digital employees - AI bros. These digital employees are powered by various Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) models, individually or in combination. They possess different skills depending on your business domain. With each of them, you can chat and conduct voice or video calls. By integrating them into your local IT, they can directly support them in your daily work routine. Schedule them for your meetings, let them answer your questions, remind you of previous context, or delegate tasks directly to them. And all of this according to certified standards that ensure the security of your data. It is important to us that you retain full control over your data, so you don't have to painstakingly anonymize your data beforehand. Simply think of these buddies as your regular colleagues.
Your digital employee has its own user account, seamlessly integrated into your IT, with a unique name, voice, and face; all fully customizable. You can contact them just like regular colleagues in a home office - via email, chat, or call. Let's say you're using Microsoft Teams. Write to your digital employee and ask for a summary of a lengthy document - done. Initiate a video call and request advice - no problem. Schedule a meeting with them and other colleagues and ask them to take minutes - naturally.
Be aware that we are only at the beginning of a new era of technology. While its recent developments have produced impressive and highly useful bots, they are far from perfect (yet ;-)). Of course, we will continuously utilize the latest cutting-edge GenAI models as the "brain." However, it's possible for the underlying models to have misconceptions (known as hallucinations) or occasionally miss the mark, much like real humans. We counter this by combining multiple models, akin to seeking a second opinion. So, be curious but remain skeptical, just as you would with real people you've just met. It's best to engage in dialogue and iterate towards the desired outcome. Try it out, experience it for yourself.
The WEF "Future of Jobs Report 2023" indicates that in the coming years, 23% of all global jobs will undergo significant transformation due to GenKI. There's a widespread belief that AI only replaces jobs, as 62% of global working hours are spent on language-based tasks that could potentially be influenced by language models. In reality, it can also complement existing jobs and create new ones, especially in the areas we specialize in: those with heightened demands for data security.
Initially, we leverage technology from Microsoft (MS Teams, Azure) and OpenAI. However, your dedicated digital employees and data are additionally secured and encompassed. Generating output based on training data that may contain copyrighted material is a tricky matter. Since the public accessibility of this technology is still relatively young, the legal framework for copyright is still under evaluation (as of October 2023). Handling this is likely to vary from country to country. All of this takes time, running parallel to the ongoing race for competitiveness. Data privacy is contractually regulated, and none of your confidential data is used as input to train external models. Soon, this will be expanded with the option to use open-source models hosted in EU infrastructure. Physical application servers will later be provided, allowing you to integrate them into your corporate IT, making everything available within your local network.
We stand for an ethical approach by providing digital employees at fair conditions, based on the current minimum wage. Each such digital employee, with their user account integrated into your IT, is then available to many colleagues (Fair-Use Policy). This way, we minimize job losses and offer you the benefits of digital efficiency without hidden costs.
Essentially, a digital employee from mAIbros is just a bot. But it's not limited to chat; it also includes voice and video interfaces. Moreover, it's not a part of tools like VSCode, PowerPoint, a browser, or any other applications. Instead, it's integrated into your own IT with its own user account, making it available to all your employees. Through encapsulation and dedicated resources, enhanced data security is ensured. This allows for the processing of confidential data and retaining information as a sort of memory. Naturally, such data can also be fully or partially deleted or forgotten. Consider it as a digital employee - an AI bro - whom you can contact like any other employee; not just as a plugin or website.
Coming soon™. No, seriously, truly soon, in 2024. We're currently finalizing the first prototype. If you'd like to get in touch with us now, for an initial demo or to become a client or investor, just reach out to us.
Our business model leans towards personnel placement, just with digital employees. We're a German startup with decades of experience in IT and software technology, most recently in leadership positions at a (truly) large international company. We adhere to the motto: Made in Germany for Germany, fits for everybody.